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The Making of Muse

We feel so honoured to be able to share the beginning of 'Muse'.

It began as a dreamy idea in the heart of Cornwall, during a cold and windy winter, wishing for sunnier days.

The idea was to create a dress, floaty, romantic, with the perfect neckline that could be worn many ways ....decadent yet versatile!

Fabric being dried in the sunshine in India with a man on a bamboo frame

Once the design was finalised, the task began to create the perfect colour for this dreamy dress.

Our friends in Jaipur had the answer, and introduced us to the perfect colour magicians!

The soft swathes of cotton, were taken to be dyed the a rich shade of buttermilk.

Colour alchemy was created by The Rangrez community.

'Rangrez' means 'a dyer' in the Persian language.

For many many generations, this small community of skilled artisans have been breathing life into fabrics through their passion for colour.

In a world of fast fashion, The Rangrez help us hope for a more sustainable future in fashion.

By using traditional techniques, natural and sustainable dyes, they help us to keep the authenticity and charm, and the true meaning of `handmade'.

Thank you Photography for Freedom for capturing these images.

Man sits onto of bamboo frame to dry dyed fabric

Man inspects fabric drying in the Indian sun

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