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Under Prairie Moon is a manifestation of my love for romance, whimsy, and a childhood spent obsessing over all things 60’s and 70’s.


Growing up in a sleepy Cornish town, I was always the odd one out. I’d happily parade through the neighbourhood in vintage Biba, and Ossie Clark- treasures handed down from my mother.

So many hours were spent flipping through my father’s collection of vinyl records, listening to the sounds of 70’s folk and hippy rock - Paying as much attention to the photos on the sleeves as the music itself. 

My Mother would regale me with tales of London in the 70’s as an arty student and sometime fashion model.....                                 .....Hanging around on Carnaby Street, The Kings Road, days living aboard a house boat on The Thames.

At age 13, I would catch the bus that came once a week, and travel to Truro.

There I would rummage through the rails of ‘Enjoy’ – the best and possibly only vintage clothing shop in the county in the 90’s.

So many wonderful items purchased there, I still lament the Gunne Sax dress – such a prize, gone but not forgotten (left behind in a Prague Hostel, never to be seen again!)


A decade later, my changing body shape meant that vintage finds would rarely fit.

One spring in Marrakech, I began to lament the fact that ‘nothing beautiful fits anymore!’  

 I started to wonder….could I create my own dream clothes ?      I sketched and sketched and came up with something of collection, but after returning to the UK I promptly forgot all about the idea.                                                                                      Until..... pregnant with my daughter (who’s name I had chosen as ‘Prairie Moon’), in the midst of decluttering/nesting,

I found a box of red wine stained papers, still sticky with Mahjoun – The Marrakech designs!    

Inspiration reignited; I began to search for someone to help realise the vision.                                 

    After months of searching, I happily found some incredible artisans in Rajasthan.

The first collection has been created by a 4th generation block print house – and so Under Prairie Moon rises.



Why Organic ?


Organic is the only system which eliminates highly toxic substances from the environment and instead works holistically, for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

Wherever possible, we will try to use organic fabrics.



Why don't you have more styles and items available 


Please be patient and grow with us.

Under Prairie Moon is a small start up, and more exciting styles will arrive by June.

These will all be limited edition pieces, so we will remain a small and exclusive label. 



What is your returns policy?


Please see the returns page for more details 

Will my order arrive plastic free ?


Not only do we package and send all items plastic free to you.

We also decline plastic packaging when shipping from India.

The only exception to this is our Muse dress, during production there was a mix up and plastic was used instead of brass.

Had we removed the plastic, it would sadly not have been reused by the makers, therefore we made the decision to keep it.

Future Muse dresses will come with the brass, as designed !


I am a size 6 will your clothes fit me?


We really want to be as size inclusive as possible, and will be adding an XS to the next run of dresses.

Currently we advise that our S fits from a size 8 (with an oversized look)


Does your Meadow dress need a slip?


The Meadow is fully lined, and will protect your modesty - no slip needed !


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