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The Flora

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Blockprinted Yellow Floral Dress hung up in a lush green garden

Step into a world of sunshine as we introduce you to the stunning Flora Dress! 🌼 I am thrilled to announce the arrival of 'The Flora' , a sunny and floaty dress - inspired by the ancient Cornish festival 'Helston Flora Day.'

Like the festival itself, the Flora Dress embodies a sense of whimsy, beauty, celebration, and of pure joy !

The Flora Dress: A Tribute to Helston Flora Day

Helston Flora Day Blue Anchor Pub with Sponge Ale Sign

Helston Flora Day is an ancient Cornish festival dating back centuries, where we come together to celebrate the arrival of spring.

The streets are adorned with flowers, and music fills the air as we dance through the streets in a mesmerizing display of colours and joy.

Often times fuelled by 'Spingo' ....the traditional ale of Flora day.

This year, I was watching the Midday dance (The ancient furry dance), pretty ballgowns swishing around, reflected by the water - and I thought ......

"A Helston Flora dress - but make it boho !" 'The Flora' dress is a departure from Under Prairie Moons usual white, and earthy tones, but somehow it felt like the right palette for this creation.

As you slip into this dress, I hope you'll be transported to the magic of Helston Flora Day, feeling a connection to the past while embracing the joy of today.

Helston Flora Day crowds of people wearing green foliage listening to the town crier

Vintage photo of Helston Flora Day in Cornwall

An Artist's Touch: Handprinted Fabric from Jaipur

'The Flora' has been blockprinted, on organic cotton, by the most wonderful artisans. The handprinting process not only ensures a level of artistry and craftsmanship that mass-produced garments can't match, but also supports traditional techniques and local communities in Jaipur.

By choosing the Flora Dress, you become a part of this effort to preserve heritage crafts and uplift the livelihoods of talented artisans.

Handmade dress Blockprinted on Yellow fabric with a pink and charcoal floral print

Designed in Cornwall, Ethically Made in Jaipur It's my hope, that The Flora Dress weaves together the heritage of Cornwall and the craftsmanship of Jaipur.

Designed in Cornwall, and ethically made in Jaipur,the dress is a testament to the beauty of cross-cultural collaboration. Every time I collaborate with the Blockprinters in Jaipur, I feel like we are creating a garment that is a symbol of unity, creativity, and global consciousness.

By wearing the Flora Dress, you become a part of this beautiful connection, bridging the gap between communities and celebrating the shared love for art, culture, and sustainable living.

You can also match with your mini, The Little Flora goes from Age 1 -6 years

Little girl wears a yellow floral dress and pulls an Old and Ella Buggy full of white flowers stood infant of a white lotus bell tent

The Flora Dress is now available, and its limited edition quantities won't last long.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the Flora legacy and celebrate a sustainable fashion future. Click here to explore the Flora Dress and experience the magic of Helston Flora Day in the finest form of slow fashion. Join us in this ode to elegance, artistry, and ethical living. Together, let's be the change we wish to see in the world, one sustainable garment at a time. Becca ~Under Prairie Moon

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