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Autumn in the Meadow

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”

Oscar Wilde

Here in Cornwall it's been a long long summer, but this week it is definite ......."Autumn is on the way!"

Apples are ready to pick, leaves are turning rich hues, and the sea is noticeably colder on our morning swims.

Thursday, September 22 is the Autumn Equinox, a day with an equal balance of darkness and light.

The perfect opportunity to dress up warm, have a bonfire, and spend time with your nearest and dearest.

We won't abandon our beautiful dresses because of a little chill though !

We're pairing our Meadow dress, with a beautiful roll neck by Engel - available exclusively from Mama Owl

Elle wears the Engel roll neck in "Deep ochre' , and Mazey is wearing the colour 'Squirrel'

Elle Chante wears a turtle neck and a floral dress. Elle identifies as a mixed race female and has a beautiful afro. Elle is wearing gold  ring and necklace from Studio Run

Elle Chante identifies as a female, she is mixed race and beautiful. Elle wears a floral pool dress and ochre rollback, knee high socks and clogs

Two beautiful female models stand back to back in floral dresses on a beach

Elle wears a floral dress and high neck ochre jumper, with jewels from Studio Run, Elle wears Lotta from Stockholm clogs and knee high socks

We love this Knee high socks & Clogs combination on Elle !

Clogs from local independent store Love of Lemons

As well as the Meadow, we have some fabulous new arrivals coming soon!

Think gorgeous ginghams !

Meadow is available on pre-order, she should arrive very soon, so get your size secured.

*Mazey & Elle wear jewels from the incredible Studio Rua , handmade, and inspired by ancient adornments and folk traditions.

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