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Stay Golden

Sometimes life connects us with truly beautiful souls.

Rhi is a Mama to Oceia, sunseeker, Lover of the earth, she lives in Australia and she also takes beautiful photos.

Under Prairie Moon, is so lucky that Rhi and Oceia took their Meadow dresses out in the Australian sunset, and created some gorgeous images.

We would love to share some of these special photos with you.

Rhi & Oceia, we are so happy you love your Meadow dresses.

Rhi Stay Golden Beautiful Blonde Woman in cowboy hat and white dress and boots

Beautiful blonde in white floral dress in the Australian bush

Beautiful Tanned Blonde wearing a white floral dress holding a straw basket

Blonde Child and Blonde Mother wearing matching floral dresses and holding hands

Stunning Blonde Mother and Child in matching flowery dresses with piercing blue eyes

Blonde  Child stands infront of Blonde Lady who is kneeling and smiling

Blonde Child with big blue eyes smiling and wearing a bohemian style floral dress

Young Girl Wearing a floral Under Prairie Moon Dress Boho

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